Shows, Schedule and Staff

Here’s the latest schedule (as of March 20, 2016)
Schedule March 2016
SULLY BASEBALL Sully Baseball hosts a Daily Podcast (20min) – 365 Days a Year – unless it’s a Leap Year – and then he is going to do another one. 7 days a week, baseball fanatic Paul Francis Sullivan talks baseball from his unique point of view.  
TOTAL SOCCER SHOW Taylor (the American) and Daryl (the English one) wanted to produce a radio show that was equal parts informative and entertaining, where American soccer fans old and new could hear genuine insights about the US Men’s National Team, the Premier League, Major League Soccer and more, mixed with friendly, unrehearsed banter.
I’D JUST AS SOON KISS A MOOKIEE  Faith and Fear In Flushing’s (and Star Wars author) Jason Fry and’s Shannon Shark discuss Star Wars and the New York Mets, as two topics – but it somehow works!
THOSE TWO JERKS “Those Two Jerks” hosted by Tom Alexander and Ric Susman is the heartwarming tale of two jerks complaining about comic books, movies, geek stuff, sports, current events and society in general
THE STILL REAL TO US SHOW “The Still Real to Us Show” is a weekly wrestling podcast hosted by Jeff Peck & Trey “Captain Obvious” Dent that discusses the world of professional wrestling from a fan’s point of view…and it’s not from their mother’s basement!”
DENNIS HAS A PODCAST The concept behind DHAP Show is as simple as its name; locked-in on human connection. While many podcasts focus on narrowing their mission down to a more specific topic, Dennis peaks interest with a variety of topics that stay accessible to listeners. Ranging from conventional ideas such as sports, music, comedy, and entertainment, to more abstract discussions including the state of education, inspirations & influences, pet peeves, and living a straight edge lifestyle, Dennis approaches each guest with a casual professionalism. DHAP Show is a perfect merge of all aspects of his personality and passions, blending the intimate connection of radio with the interests of many.  
THE SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS PODCAST Want to improve your fantasy stats? Hit the web forums, jerks! Want to laugh for a half-hour at the ridiculous state of sports? You found your podcast. Comedians Joel Anderson, Jordan Pomaville, and sports outsider Phil Ranta score some comedy sports headlines, sketches, and interviews.
QUICK SNAPS   Comedy and Football.  Costaki Economopoulos and Aaron Hodges break down the week’s NFL slate with a ton of jokes layered on top!
HOCKEY FEELS A podcast about hockey that focuses on how awesome the game of hockey is, but also on how it, as the name suggests, makes us feel. Your hosts: Steven Schapansky: Edmonton native, an Oilers fan for life (barring a time in his teens when he “experimented” with other teams), who has suffered through a decade of Oilers disappointment that now appears to be finally turning the corner. Rachel Donner: Brooklyn native, Philly area born, diehard Flyers fan, and has likely been to more games in more arenas around North America than you have. Each week, we talk about the latest NHL news and how our teams did, and we’ll also dig into some issues that you won’t usually hear on other sports podcasts. We’ll also hear from others around the continent and around the world from time to time to get their perspectives. We hope you’ll join us! Drop the puck!    
COMEDY FOOD SPORTS The Comedy, Food, Sports Podcast spawned from the extremely popular blog with the same name. The podcast touches on all three subjects with their own unique and sometimes edgy point of view along with having weekly guests calling in. Guests have included Adam Carolla, Rich Eisen, Bill Burr, Tommy Davidson, Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo, Gary Gulman, Rachel Feinstein, Finesse Mitchell, Todd Glass, Christian Finnegan too name a few.
HOW TO SPORTS BLOG PODCAST Matthew Cerrone talks to other successful sports bloggers and reporters about what they do, how they do it and what’s next in the world of digital sports media…  
THE QUEENS BASEBALL CONVENTION RECAP SHOW The Queens Baseball Convention is a mid-winter gathering of baseball fans.  In this series we take a listen back to some of the great panel discussions from QBC15 including discussions about Retired Numbers, the State Of The Mets, and the presentation of the Gil Hodges Unforgettable Fire Award.  Currently this show is resting and being subbed for by I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee.
THE BOWER SHOW Jeff Peck and Bower FORMERLY of 97.9 ESPN in Hartford…talk with guests like: CM Punk, Carlos Mencia, Pete Rose and discuss the NFL, Major League Baseball, the WWE, all things Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football…it’s a podcast, from your theoretical “sports bar”! On Sunday night (8pm ET) the guys host the Sunday Night Six Pack recapping the week’s NFL slate.
THE TEAMSNAP YOUTH SPORTS PODCAST The TeamSnap Youth Sports Podcast is your source for today’s most relevant youth sports topics around the world. In her best NPR voice, host and youth sports parent Emily Cohen, along with a variety of experts, covers everything from concussion prevention to sports parenting advice. Stay up to date with the latest interviews to improve your sports parenting or coaching skills AND sound smarter at sporting events.
DAD’S HOME Are you a sports zombie that does nothing but watch sports, talk about sports, think about sports?  Of course not. Dad’s Home is for dads by dads.  The guys from The Bower Show talk about being dads and don’t talk about sports.  So why is Dad’s Home on this station?  Because it’s good, hosted by guys from AST and you’re not a Sports Zombie.  Give it a shot.
CURTAIN JERKS Curtain Jerks is a comedy wrestling podcast featuring interviews with pro wrestlers including Heath Slater, J.J. Dillon, and John Morrison, hilarious sketches, and a funny take on this week in wrestling. Hosted by comedians Scott Narver and Steve Sears.


For ten years I was the Vice President of Comedy and Entertainment for SiriusXM. It was an amazing run where we went from 250,000 subscribers and being called “Cyrus” by many people to the Howard Stern era of 25 million subs. In my corner of the world one comedy channel became two and then ten (and then eight when I thought we could do better by focusing.)

Prior to joining Sirius(-XM) I did ten years in news-talk logging lots and lots of great hours in the studio with folks like Bob Grant, John Gambling and Dr. Joy Browne (which was the #4 show in the country back then behind Stern/Rush/Laura).

After SiriusXM I missed the creative outlet and started AltSportsTalk, figuring out how far we can get with some MacBooks, cool software, good wifi, and some different ideas.  If you’ve read this far then I’ll plug my portfolio website at where y9u can learn about what I do for Slacker Radio and as VP Programming for DGital Media.