AltSportsTalk Radio updated fall listening schedule

Here’s the updated lineup for Fall 2015.  Quick Snaps and the Sunday Night Six Pack NFL Recap Show (powered by The Bower Show) return.

Start the day with comedy and The Sports Sports Sports Podcast followed by Quick Snaps at 6am ET

Dennis Has A Podcast at 8am and midnight ET

Sully Baseball and Baseball As It Was pair up for an hour of baseball talk at 9a/12n/3p/6p ET.

The Bower Show at 10a/1p/4p ET and the Sunday Night Six Pack NFL Recap Sundays at 8pm ET

Total Soccer Show at 2pm ET where American soccer fans old and new hear genuine insights about the US Men’s National Team, the Premier League, Major League Soccer and more, mixed with friendly, unrehearsed banter.

Want some funny with your sports?  Quick Snaps and the Sports Sports Sports Podcast at  11a and 5p ET

I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee is a show about the Mets and Star Wars, now in the 10p ET slot

and wrap it up with more comedy…Quick Snaps then The Sports Sports Sports podcast at 11pm

The full schedule is below, and check out the Shows, Schedule and Staff page for full descriptions.

Listen now via the embedded playerTuneIn and the TuneIn app on your phone.  We’re also on Soundcloud, AppleTV and you can subscribe via iTunes.

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