New summer lineup as we head into Year 3!

Hey AST fans,

I’m feeling really good about what we’re building here as this internet sports radio project completes two full years (wow that flew by).

If you’re new to all this, the idea is to do “Sports Talk” but not do the way it has been done before.  It’s more of a long-form approach, with some podcasts being turned into “shows” and some shows being repurposed as podcasts.  However you listen, you listen.

We’ve chosen to talk about Other Sports.  Soccer.  Even Curling!

…And we’ve chosen mash in pop-culture, so don’t be surprised to hear out hosts talk about the latest Star Trek movie.

Some shows have come and gone, but I’m pumped to see guys like Sully Baseball and Total Soccer Show really committed to what they are doing, which gives us lots of updated comment with which we can kick the digital needles.

Some shows are on rest until the NFL rolls back around, but until then enjoy a heavy does of soccer, baseball, and some pop culture mixed in (Those Two Jerks and I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee.)

Check out the full schedule with descriptions here, and listen via Tunein here.

I’m always in the hunt for new cool ideas, so hit me up at john at (spend ambots love sending me email that’s why I phrased it that way).

And….much thanks to the guys at Backbone for making this whole thing work and get from my laptop to your device. schedule July 2016