Looking for some Sports* podcasts

We’re not looking for the “next” anyone.

We’re looking for the first YOU.

If you are crazy talented and under-appreciated we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking for some sports-related podcasts. We could use a soccer podcast yesterday.  Hockey.  MMA.  WWE (shhhh, we know, don’t tell the others).  Baseball.  Football.  Hockey.  Sports Business.  Fantasy.  The Sports We Forgot to list.

We’d love some shows hosted by comedians.  And we’d love some mash-ups.  

We’re thinking about starting “Hockey and Movies” or maybe “Comic Books and Baseball.”   If you’re the host of “Soccer and Star Wars” stop reading and contact me now. 

We’ll run your podcast as an affiliate.  You keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll add some spins of your podcast to our schedule…like radio.

Some folks can’t be bothered or may not even understand how to subscribe to a podcast.  This isn’t podcasting, this is radio.  They tune in, and something cool is on.  Be the cool.

On your end, your “Soccer and Star Wars” podcast may be getting lost in the shuffle.

Here, as part of Alternative Sports Talk, you’ll be one of the people at the cool party.  And the cool party brings more cool people.

Be heard.  Join me and together we will rule the galaxy.   Join us.  This is going to be fun.



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